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Digital Marketing Training in Coimbatore

Posted by on Feb 11, 2017 in Careers in Digital Marketing, Life @WMA, Resources/Guides | 0 comments

Why Digital Marketing Training in Coimbatore “Being Social in real life is the key to become successful in Social Media.”~ Suresh Babu Coming from a small village in Ooty, I spent the start of my career in Coimbatore, lived there for more than 6 years, moved to Florida came back and started Web Marketing Academy in Bangalore. I was recently doing some research on the scope and need for Digital Marketing Training from where I lived and started my career, Coimbatore. When PSG Tech invited me for a panel discussion, I was fascinated to visit there and share my experience in new media. Here is a...

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Social Media for Healthcare in India

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Importance of Social Media for Healthcare in India It’s a fact that social media is an integral part of people’s life! And People today, are very opinionated and brands should be prepared to deal with it. With technology empowering people to share their views, opinions and get solutions at the touch of the button. It is important for every brand/ industry to have social media strategy, more so for a healthcare industry which works with so closely with people. It is one of the very few industries which needs to emotionally connect with their consumers. Imagine a patient tweeting about your...

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Digital Marketing – 2nd Job Interview Preparation

Posted by on Jan 31, 2017 in Resources/Guides | 0 comments

HOW TO PREPARE FOR SECOND INTERVIEW You have cleared the 1st round of the interview…yay! What next? Wondering how to better prepare oneself for the next round. Here are few tips that will help you. In the first interview you would generally have the hiring manager or HR team. In the first round generally they will select the top most suitable candidates. 2nd round of Interviews are a bit more serious and more in depth. So you have to be prepared. Keep in mind every company has different ways to assess your skill levels. Some companies will call you for the next interview or ask you complete...

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Web Marketing Academy Fees (Digital Marketing Fee Structure)

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What is the fee structure for Digital Marketing Course at Web Marketing Academy Bangalore? I get this question all the time: “Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore fees” The course fee is Rs 49,000 + tax = Rs 56,350which can be paid in 3 flexible instalmentHere is the fee structure: The fees covers for all the topics from Website design, Content for website, SEO, Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, content creation, marketing and optimization, Google analytics Certificates (optional) – Inbound Marketing, Google...

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The Coolest Perk an Employer can offer to their Employees!

Posted by on Dec 24, 2016 in Resources/Guides | 0 comments

Training is not a Cost, it’s an “INVESTMENT!” Often when we are asked why is training important? What comes to our mind – to acquire new skills, develop the existing ones, learn new techniques to perform better, achieve career & organizational goals or to become a great leader or influencer, isn’t it? Are you thinking on the same lines? Well, that is how our mind is programmed J and it is true in all senses. In Today’s era things are changing dynamically. And to keep pace with it, one needs stay current with market trends. Training & Development is one Great source for enhancement of...

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Why Developers & IT professionals should learn Digital marketing.

Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in Job Placements at WMA, Resources/Guides | 0 comments

Here is why Developers and IT professionals should learn Digital marketing and the scope of the same. Also learn what the field has for you and how can you leverage the same.

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