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digital marketing updates 26 Sept to 2 Oct

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3 NEW THINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR IN THE WORLD OF DIGITAL MARKETING in the week of 26th Sept – 2nd Oct 2016 Digital marketing world is ever-evolving and it is important for every marketer to keep track of the latest development. Staying up-to-date with trends aids brands to be more customer focused and build a strategy to stay ahead of the competition. This week’s update will help do just that.   Snapchat is now Snap Inc.! On 24th Sept, Snapchat rebranded to Snap Inc. Although it sounds nice and short, is rebranding now a good thing? Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel mentioned in his blog that they...

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Digital Marketing Updates 25 September 2016

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3 NEW UPDATES IN DIGITAL MARKETING Week of: 19th Sept – 25th Sept This week we will explore how Facebook is experimenting with ads in Live video. Let us also take a look at the difference in standard and expanded ads by Google AdWords. Also, read up on the new LinkedIn Initiatives. 1. Ads in Facebook Live Video: The Facebook live video has received a tremendous response and now they  want to add commercial breaks or ads between these live videos. This presents a great prospect for advertisers. As per the article by Adage, “These ads will be shown 15 mins into the broadcast and can last up to...

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Digital Marketing Skills 2016 2017

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Must Have Skills for a Today’s Digital Marketer Having nightmares before the Interview…? Especially if it’s your dream job and you want to give your best and you always feel as if there were some mantras that would affirm success in your interview, then nothing like it… I am sure every one of us has faced the situations like this, no matter how well you are prepared. It was no different for me until I mustered all my courage to call my mentor Suresh (CEO-Web Marketing Academy – Bangalore), a day before my interview for a Digital Marketing Manager position. “What is your USP that...

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Guest Lecture by Kiruba Shankar

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Web Marketing Academy in conversation with Kiruba Shankar! Web Marketing Academy welcomed and were honoured to have Mr. Kiruba Shankar interact with our students and share his valuable experience! He is a man of multiple talents with being a Social Media Entrepreneur, Professor of Digital Marketing, an Author, Podcaster as well as an Organic farmer! He also is a CEO of Business Blogging and F5ive Technology. The discussion started off as Mr. Kiruba Shankar shared a very important tip- “the one thing that separates professionals from the also-rans’ is the constant ability to keep...

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How to get hired in a digital Media Marketing Agency in India?

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Wondering how to get hired in a Digital Marketing Agency?   I was browsing through Quora the other day and I came across an interesting question asked by an aspiring professional; “How do I get hired in a Digital Media Marketing Agency?” Now, you see, this is not an unusual question asked by one person; a lot of people these wonder the mantra of getting into a Digital Marketing Agency.  Well, frankly,  I believe, to get hired in any of the industries these days, you have got to make sure that you have got all the expertise and most importantly charismatic enthusiasm, to...

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Digital Marketing – Helping Indian Women Make Better Career Choices

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3 Lovely Indian Ladies Rocking the Digital Marketing World Be it in Olympics, Politics or Analytics, women are game changer in all aspects. Tune into the FIR 65th episode of podcast network brought by the students and staff of Web Marketing Academy on 3 Women ruling their digital careers. Listen to the entire show here: FIR Podcast Network/Digital-India Aditi, a senior faculty at Web marketing academy talks about Women @ work She talks from a perspective of a teacher as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by women. Valuable tips from her are: Need to make time for oneself for...

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