Top Digital Marketing Podcast to Listen in 2017

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Top Digital Marketing Podcasts to Listen to in 2017 Read Suresh Babu‘s answer to What are the best podcasts for online marketing? on...

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Facebook Removes Employer/Education Target Option (Sep 14 2017)

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Facebook recently removed the option to target employers and Students who are studying in specific College or Universities               In Facebook ads, we had this option where you can target people who are working in specific companies (For example people who work for IBM and listed on Facebook that they work for IBM) or any student who is studying in Christ University Bangalore In this Facebook post, Facebook listed the reason why As people fill in their education or employer on their...

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Future of Search – Voice Search – Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Siri

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This week episode of DIP, we discussed Voice Search, Voice Assistance. Voice enabled devices are the new fancy things in the US and other countries. However in India it’s not yet officially launched. Being in the educational space and digital marketing we want our students to explore the future of Search, so I ordered Amazon Alexa to test out. The 108th episode of Digital India Podcast on FIR Podcast Network is brought to you by staff and students of  Web Marketing Academy Listen to the #Podcast here: In India, Amazon Alexa still can’t find information like location based info,...

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How to Delete Users in Google Analytics? (Modify/Add too)

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How to Delete a User in Google Analytics? Sign in to Google Analytics Go to Admin, go to the account In the Account column, click on User Management. Click delete for the user you want to delete./Modify/Add Click Delete user You can’t delete/modify/add from the property level it should be at the Account Level How to Delete a User from Google...

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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore (FREE GUIDE)

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Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore? A Guide on How to find a Top Digital Marketing Training Institute yourself. In this article, You will find: 1. How to find the right institute 2. Step by step guide for research 3. A checklist to prep yourself 4. Questions to ask 6. What to look for from an institute With Digital and social media marketing growing at a rapid phase in 2017, Day by day, we see 100’s of training institutes in and around Bangalore, not just in Bangalore but around all cities in India, a bunch of training institutes, freelance digital marketing trainers. Well the...

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My Answer to How Good is a Career in Digital Marketing – Quora

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A question from Quora: How Good is a Career in Digital Marketing? Here is my answer: So you want to know how good is a career in Digital Marketing? Buckle up! With so much demand plus the economy, the way we buy, communicate, interact and day to day life has changed due to the Internet and social media. Now Digital marketing/social media marketing has become a fashion and buzz word, so is the competition in this job market. Let’s look at some trends:   Read Suresh Babu‘s answer to How good is a career in digital marketing? on Quora   A Google trend shows the growth of...

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