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Sample Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

To my students, almost at the end of the #digitalmarketing course, we prepare them with:

1. The Job interview prep
2. Mock interviews
3. Resume prep
4. Soft skills
5. Online/zoom job interview etiquette (Recent and important one)
6. Technical revision
7. Digital Marketing Strategy

I give them an assignment with multiple scenarios and ask them to come up with a Digital Marketing Strategy.
(most of the time an interviewer will give them half an hour or a few days to come up with a sample plan)

This is one of the biggest challenges for them. To help them, I have come up with this handy Digital Marketing Strategy guide

Digital Marketing Strategy Guide 2020

Interviewer: “We are a creative social media agency, come up with a complete digital marketing strategy”

Best Digital Marketing Courses in BangaloreThe interviewer:

  • Might give you some time to come up with a plan right there
  • Or they will ask you to take a day or two and send them the strategy
  • Looking for your thought process
  • What experience do you have and how you used to work
  • Looking for your presentation skills
  • Your communication and how do you articulate your ideas
  • If the interviewer is also a digital marketer, they want to see details

Or they might come up with a scenario, this can be applied for any subject, social media, Google ads, SEO

Questions to ask the interviewer: (If required)

Please do ask questions, this will also let them know that you are not afraid and it’s a good sign. Ask them, can I come up with my assumptions?

  • What is the purpose of coming up with the strategy?
  • What are your objectives? Short term/long term?
  • What is USP’s
  • Who are the target audience, location, competitors 
  • Any budget (You are the digital marketer, you should be able to come up with the budget

Use this guide:

  •  To come up with multiple ideas. Use this to practice and document multiple sectors, industries 
  • Example: A Startup, an e-commerce company, B2B, Agency, Nonprofit
  • How to use this guide? I am going to give specific tips for each slide
  • You have to research for each industry and come up with a sample plan so that when the interviewer is asking, you already know how to


Ok, ready to get started?

  • Take notes. Be creative
  • Shortlist one of the templates from canva

Here is the Guide to Digital Marketing Strategy Template. A step by step process to prepare a digital marketing strategy presentation: Download the PDF

(Courtesy of Web Marketing Academy, Rated Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore)