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Growth opportunities for Digital Marketing in India

  1. For your career in Digital Marketing: Build your base/foundation:
  2. For your business – Digital marketing is one of the fastest, easiest and cost-effective way to promote, market your business. With a limited budget, you can test, try and then spend.
  3.  Freelancing РBeing in Digital/social/content you can get started as a freelancer. Sign up with for free at Fiverr/upwork

  4. Google Adsense – A Free & simple way to earn money by placing ads on your website or if you have a YouTube channel you can start monetizing. This used to be good a few years back, The Reality: If you get approximately 1000 views/per day you might get Rs 6000 per month from Adsense
  5. Affiliate – Become a partner of any e-commerce site, you be the affiliate (partner) when someone comes to your website/blog clicks on the product and buys the produce from that e-commerce site you will get a commission from them
  6. Amazon FBA: Amazon.com: Fulfillment by Amazon – Benefits – Sell your product on Amazon for a minimum commission, everything else is taken care by Amazon
  7. Personal Branding – With Digital and social media you can build your personal brand by providing value in terms of content (text, images, videos, stories, inspiration, PPT’s) You can become an Influencer.
  8. Start your own – Will almost all free or low-cost resources available you can actually start your own business and market your business in all these channels. from b2b to b2c to e-commerce plugins, apps have simplified and reduced the cost of setting up a startup
  9. If you are an NGO – Several advantages to build a brand online and market through channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. It’s about your story
  10. Events – Starting an event online, offline like webinars, meetups is easier than ever. Create a Facebook event, promote market and achieve resultsDigital Marketing Career Opportunities in India
  11. Author – Digital and social media has helped the author promote their books and reach out to the target audience. With all the targeting options like remarketing, custom audience, lookalike audience, you can pinpoint and target potential customers and measure every rupee you spend
  12. Showcase your expertise – Are you an expert in any field, create a blog, launch a Facebook live, upload videos to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat for free and show the world about your expertise
  13. Community – Want to build a community, engage them and share your cause. Without spending a lot you can with all the platforms. Connect online or offline
  14. Increase sales/Revenue – Of course, Digital marketing will help achieve your business goals. It’s cheaper, faster, measurable, efficient


Option a) To acquire any new professional skill set, you need 2 things Time and or Money. It’s an investment for yourself. You can take up a course of our 3-month professional digital marketing course. Ideally, you need at least 2-3 months to get at new skills for the foundation + your experience + Practical implementation

Option b) There are few blogs, websites, videos, podcasts you can listen and learn on your own. Attending meetups, webinars are good to start.

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