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What are the tools for Content Marketing?

Posted by on Dec 13, 2017 in Blog, How to Tutorials on Digital Marketing | 0 comments

Tools for Content. Here are some of the tools & Resources: A clean sheet of paper & pen For research – Think with Google Wikipedia or any other reference material related to your topic Google trends – To find what is trending Facebook IQ – For Data Insights & research. Powerful consumer and Advertising Insights based on two billion people Twitter Research Blog – Case studies on brands LinkedIn Research Blog – Trends and research related articles QUORA – For blog post ideas Grammarly – For grammar Answer the public – A tool to find...

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Content Filter: How to Consume Content That Matters

Posted by on Feb 9, 2016 in Blog, Careers on Digital Marketing in India, How to Tutorials on Digital Marketing, Podcast | 0 comments

Content Filter: How to Consume Content That Matters Here’s a common question a lot of our students at Web Marketing Academy ask: “With so much content available online, how do we know what to consume and how much to consume to stay relevant?”. If you have a similar question, this post is for you. (Podcast) Listen to the entire show on Content Filter here: You can’t get away from the fact that there is a lot of content and not enough time. Even if we shortlist only the best content publishers, there’s still too much to consume in the finite 24 hours’ day that involves your juggling a range of...

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