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What Digital Marketing Course Should I do? Is Digital Marketing Right for me?

Today more and more people are tuning and asking questions like these:

  1. Is digital marketing a good job?
  2. Is digital marketing course worth it?
  3. Is digital marketing a good career?
  4. Who can do a digital marketing course?
  5. Is there any scope for digital marketing?
  6. How do I get into digital marketing?
  7. Digital marketing course near me
  8. How to learn digital marketing?
  9. How to find the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute?

Let me break it down for you:

  1. What course should I do? Is Digital Marketing right for me?

Answer: It depends on where you want to be, what you want to become? what your interests are?

If your interest is in sales, marketing, social media, content, creativity, advertising and you are the person who likes challenges, creativity then Digital & Social Media Marketing is something that you can choose. Here is a detailed blog post on Scope of Digital Marketing in India


Let’s look at the Google trends for Digital Marketing

Is digital marketing course right for me?

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

        2. Is digital marketing a good job?

Answer: Absolutely

Digital Marketing average salary package in India

Internal salary data from web marketing academy. Read the entire blog post here: apart from the salary the job itself is challenging and gives a satisfaction of working on the latest social media platforms and technology.


      3. Who can do digital marketing course?

Answer: Anyone who has an interest in digital, social media can do this course. You don’t need to be technically savvy to do this course. Do you need to degree or background in Marketing? Well if you have a degree or background in marketing it helps but not necessarily

Here is one of our student who is placed in MNC. From Hotel Management to Digital Marketer

    4. Is there any scope for digital marketing?

Answer: Read my answer above: Scope of Digital Marketing in India

    5. Digital marketing course near me

Answer: Almost every place you can find a course around you. But finding the right Institute is a challenge. A detailed guide to find the right institute with resources: How to find the right Institute for Digital Marketing in India

       6. How to learn Digital Marketing?

Answer: By Implementing, testing and trying it out by yourself. You have all the resources for free today. Also, just like anything else Digital Marketing is not a short-term play. I have started my career in Digital Marketing as early as 2002. After 15 years in the Industry, I am still learning #DigitalMarketing every day. It’s an ongoing process. Another blog post on Where can I learn digital marketing skills for free

7. Is Digital Marketing Course Worth it? Is Digital Marketing a good Career?

I have written answers to most of these typed of questions in QUORA:(Link)

Download this free Guide to help find the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore