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11 Etiquette Tips for Your Digital Marketing Interview

The demand for digital marketers in Bangalore as well as other parts of India is on the upswing. This is a golden period for aspiring web marketers. At Web Marketing Academy, we bridge the gap between demand and supply by organizing placement events for our digital marketing students. This works out well for us and the recruiting company. The events also reveal some gaps.

Many times, seemingly perfect candidates fail to impress interview panelists. And the reason this happens is because the students violate “interview etiquette” either due to ignorance or indifference.

You need to understand that etiquette is fundamentally about giving and receiving respect. If you reconsider from that viewpoint, you’ll understand how etiquette makes or breaks careers and relationships.

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To ensure you do not unwittingly breach interview etiquette, here’s a short run-through:

1. Pre-interview check: Confirm your interest.

If you are appearing for an interview arranged by your institute or academy (as in the case of WMA), enroll only if you are genuinely interested. Read the job description carefully, understand what it entails and research the company. Don’t give the interview for the heck of it. You’re wasting people’s time. Once you’re in, follow through. Opting out later for lack of interest puts the host academy in a tough spot. It hurts the company-academy relationship and future on-campus prospects.

2. Be on time.

Arrive 20 minutes ahead of time to freshen up and relax before the interview. Traffic, even in Bangalore, is not an acceptable excuse for reaching late. All it conveys is a lack of planning.

3. Be well groomed.

This doesn’t mean renting a suit (though that may be required in some cases). Wear formals or neat casuals (if the interviewers are from an arty business, they may not be too finicky), clip your nails, comb your hair, smell pleasant, etc. Sounds like silly advice? I once met an interviewee, went forward to shake hands and almost passed out. Another lady had finger nails vying for the witches’ post. Moreover, they were mucky. If you can’t take care of yourself, can they trust you with their business? You’d need to be a great convincer to change their mind.

4. No chewing gum please.

Dispose of it before you enter the room. Few things are more disgusting than watching grown men and women chew gum during an interview. That’s just bad.

5. No sunglasses either.

Sunglasses make you look like Brad Pitt? Keep them for your fans. For the interview, take them off. Don’t notch them up your forehead or hook them in your shirt. Just put them away.

6. Switch off your mobile.

Switch off your mobile before you enter the room. Being off the radar for a while won’t kill you. But if it goes off during the interview, kiss your chances good-bye.

7. Greet everyone.

Greet everyone in the room and look them in the eye as you do it. Smile. This conveys confidence.

8. Wait to be asked to sit.

Most interviewers ask candidates to be seated as soon as they come in (unless you’re trying for the military). If they don’t, doesn’t hurt to wait before grabbing a seat.

9. Address people by their names, with or without salutation.

When answering questions, address interviewers by name or Mr./Ms. depending on the company culture. (Do your homework.) This shows you have a good memory and that you’re self-confident.

10. Thank everyone before you leave.

Again, thank everyone for the opportunity as you leave. End it on a positive note.

11. Follow up on commitments.

If you’ve done well, you’ll be called for a second technical or HR round. Follow through. If you can’t make it that day, provide enough notice and communicate the same clearly. Not doing so reflects badly on you as well as those who referred you.

The first impression is a lasting impression, like it or not. Every interviewer in the room is observing your body language to assess your attitude. Be warm and confident but not over the top. Don’t experiment with your attire or mannerisms. Just be yourself.

Do comment if you’ve made interview bloopers yourself or encountered any. Also, if you’d like to know more about the digital marketing courses we offer, head here.


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