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💥 A Comprehensive Roadmap to B2B Digital Marketing Strategy! 💥

One of our alumni recently got selected for a Manager Role in a B2B company. We sat down together and came up with a 360° roadmap for B2B Digital Marketing strategy.

✅ Marketing is all about human interaction

✅ Understanding the buying cycle

✅ Identify the key marketing platforms

✅ An in-depth content analysis

✅ Understanding the target audience/buyer persona

✅ Research the audience preferences, ideal content formats

✅ How to use LinkedIn Content and Ad Strategy

✅ How to optimize for Universal Search

✅ How to use Slideshare

✅ How to run Google ads, creating multiple campaigns especially for Content

Facebook &  Instagram Strategies

✅ Remarketing, Lookalike, and Custom Audience. Email Marketing & Automation

Here is the video format of the strategy 


The difference between a B2B and B2C: One thing we have to understand is at the end of the day we are going to sell it to human beings there’s not much of a difference. Of course, there are certain things that we have to consider in B2B. All the empathy and everything applies to here in a B2B

A B2B Complete Digital Marketing Strategy A B2B Complete Digital Marketing Strategy







A B2B Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

A B2B Complete Digital Marketing Strategy

For a B2B, the buying cycle is longer that’s the only thing, for example, if I want to buy something in a B2C, I just go see something which is on a deal and buy, however in a B2B the buying cycle might take a bit longer.  On top of the funnel, we research than we see this is interesting and relevant for my business, and then I want to buy the software.

The Channels 

So now what we’ll do is we will find out what are all the channels available so what is the property first your website. then do you need SEO? Sure. Google ads yes and then we have social media one

What else is important is automation. Why automation is important because we are building a relationship and that relationship takes time of course for all of these things content and analytics are the core.  So let us go one by one now your saying that they are building a website they are revamping a website correct? Number one this is a good opportunity is to review the website and see what is important

Apart from the website, SEO, Google ads, you have to have a blog or name it to resource center or guides or whatever so this is the website part now. Once you have this one then you will have to come up with a strategy

Target Audience

Who is my target audience,  build a buyer persona, for example, age, gender, and occupation their level are they c levels CMO’s or CEO’s so that we are going to target them we are going to create multiple buyer personas

Or employees can also be resources so resources we have to figure out and find out some resources so this should be in the plan then, we are going to do research. What kind of research do we want to do? We did already target audience preference audience what kind of format of content what they like then you are going to say who is my competitor and what platform.


Once you identify you need a budget. How we calculate the budget for example why we need a budget for Content we need a budget. For new audience we are targeting we are entering for this new market we need a brand and also conversion when I say content it could be multiple content videos studios blogs and everything for ads we need Google ads definitely than we’ll have to run social media camping’s and social media ads for that we need budgeting and then of course software automation and analytics

Once you have all those things the biggest part is content how is it going to be different because in this cycle they are not going to make decisions right away so that is when content comes into place when’s we talk about content what kind of content we need to do blogs