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How to find the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore?

In this article, You will find:

1. How to find the right institute
2. Step by step guide for research
3. A checklist to prep yourself
4. Questions to ask
6. What to look for from an institute

Digital Marketing Training Institute Guide

What to Look for to find the right institute for Digital Marketing Course?

Best Digital Training in Bangalore (How to Find Yourself)

(NEW) Online Courses for Digital Marketing 

What do Look for Tips
Word of mouth Talk to Alumni, passed out Students feedback
Profiles of Alumni Where are they working
Institutes Social Media Presence Are they active in Social Media
Faculty Experience Look for Faculties Profile in LinkedIn
Flexibility Are they flexible with classes
Teaching Method Practical, Hands-on, One on one
Infrastructure Cleanliness, Clean Rest Rooms
Live Projects Are they giving Live Projects
Events, Access to Alumni Do they encourage networking with Alumni
Mentorship Importantly after the course
Certificates Guidance on Digital Marketing Certificates
Confidence Building How are they planning to help build confidence
Extra Activities Connecting with Industry Leaders

1. Word of mouth
2. Students reviews/ Students feedback – Can you get phone number of alumni
3. What kind of profile are the alumni into after completion of the course?
4. Do the alumni and students stay current for example Live videos, LinkedIn Profiles
5. What they share in their personal social media profiles
6. How is the Institute website, Social media presence latest Instagram update, do they educate everyone too or just their students
7. Review of faculties. Background of the faculties. Look for their profiles in LinkedIn, Quora and other channels
8. Blog – When was their recent blog post. Is it useful or they are writing for the sake of writing
9. Flexibility – If you missed any classes how are they going to help you catch up?
10. Teaching methodology
11. Infrastructure – including cleanliness – A/C, comfortable chairs, Restrooms, Wi-fi
12. Are you allowed to use the facility to practice
13. Practicals – Live projects
14. Alumni network – Do you get access to the alumni
15. Apart from classes what are they involved which will give exposure to you like connecting with the industry leader, how well they are connected in the industry
16. Partnership. Conference, meetups, speaking engagements. Example- Social media week partners
17. Mentorship after the course the support for you
18. Certifications – Globally accepted certifications
19. Which companies the alumni work for, what is their average salary, their current roles
20. Exposure for you like an internship
21. Learning Environment – Friendly, traditional
22. What will they do to build confidence
23. How do the faculties keep up to date

How an Engineer transformed into Digital Marketer. Alumni Talks 

A Guide on how to find a Top/Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore

With Digital and social media marketing growing at a rapid phase in 2019, Day by day, we see 100’s of training institutes in and around Bangalore, not just in Bangalore but around all cities in India, a bunch of training institutes, freelance digital marketing trainers.

Well, the growth of a career in digital marketing is mainly some or more of the following:

1. Digital India initiative by our Indian government. Digital India is an ambitious program of Government of India projected at Rs 1,13,000 crores source:

2. Digital marketing spends stats in India – Digital Ad Spending in India to Surpass $1 Billion Next Year – Source: http://bit.ly/2bERC66:

eMarketer estimates advertisers in India will spend about $7.41 billion on paid placements in all media, up 11.3% over 2015 spending levels. By 2020, spending will hit $11.82 billion

3. Access to the Internet thru Mobile. Source: http://bit.ly/2bUbeDP

According to the latest report from IAMAI, titled Mobile Internet In India 2016, the country is estimated to have 371 million mobile internet users by June 2016

4. eCommerce growth both in urban and rural areas – India’s e-Commerce revenue is expected to jump from $30 billion in 2016 to $120 billion in 2020, growing at an annual rate of 51%, the highest in the world, according to a joint According to TOI “India is the fastest growing e-commerce market: Study“: Source: http://bit.ly/2bDE8t6

5. VC, Funding – http://trak.in/india-startup-funding-investment-2015/ Indian startups raise $2.1 billion in H1 2016 – https://yourstory.com/2016/07/funding-roundup-indian-startup-h1/

6. Culture- Todays Millennials lifestyle – Millennials in India ranked “opportunities to progress and take on leadership roles” as their strongest reason (when excluding salary) to work for an organization – Deloitte’s annual millennial survey, 2016 – http://bit.ly/2bLclUF

7. Skillset required for any marketer today – http://bit.ly/2bTR4eD

What does that have to do with YOU?

You have heard/seen from some of your friends, family, colleagues that digital marketing is a compelling career option and has got good opportunities, so you decided to do your own research, taking opinions from your friends, mentors, professors, online and offline. You came to know yes it’s a good option.

Did you know?

1. There are some 13,000 jobs available for digital marketing in India – http://bit.ly/2bDGI20
2. Career path where a Marketing Head/CMO Vice presidents and chief marketing officers with 18-20 years’ experience are paid Rs 70 lakh to Rs 1.5 crore a year, and mid-level executives such as project managers Rs 15-25 lakh a year, according to TeamLease data. Times of India: http://bit.ly/2bLfeF0

Average Marketing Manager Salaries in United States http://www.indeed.com/salaries/Marketing-Manager-Salaries

Your current situation:

1. Everywhere you search for a marketing job, employers are looking for either skill in digital marketing or certificate in Google Adwords etc
2. At your work, the marketing department, sales, and agencies – everyone is using these jargons like SEO, Paid Media, New Media, Ad Rank, Conversion rate, quality score. You feel you have left behind and the fear that if “I don’t learn these things, my job will be at risk and my future career is uncertain”
3. You want to be that go-to person for all new things in your industry, the traditional marketing you are good but when it comes to digital and social media, you are left behind.
4. Your company wants you to pitch a client, you tried to pitch but the client asks you that the competitors are using Snapchat extensively and see their company all over Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and wherever they go online. They ask you how to do the same.

Tip: Remarking or Retargeting, you struggle to explain the concept of remarketing, deep down you know you have to learn how remarketing works and all the new things. Your confidence level is not up to par. Fear of losing Job soon ??!

My friend, there is Hope!

Yes, as crazy it may sound, digital marketing and social media are not rocket science and it’s not easy either, with the basic understanding of the concepts and with strong foundation anyone can get started, depending upon your interest level you can enhance your career in Digital.

Here’s how, Bhavana who had around 3 years of experience in sales and marketing, wanted to apply for a new job and she realized that #digitalmarketing is one of the basic skills today to survive and grow in the market, she was not technically savvy, she was wondering whether she can learn these skills visited WMA and we explained what it requires
(You don’t need to be technically savvy, or know HTML to learn Digital Marketing) learned the basics, implemented new media concepts showed passion and interest now she now works with 3M as the digital marketing strategist.

More stories like this can be found here: YouTube Web Marketing Academy

Reviews of Web Marketing Academy

49 reviews

Priyanuj Boruah says:” Awesome place to learn and earn knowledge of digital marketing. All the faculty members are very supportive and encouraging. Happy to be a part of WMA family”

krishna chaitanya says: “WMA is the best place for learning Digital Marketing.
I am one of the alumni of WMA. I am from Andhra Pradesh.
The secret of success and how WMA different from other normal institutes
1. Live Projects
2. Interactive sessions
(if you’re dealing with live projects, you can’t practice well without faculty guidelines or interaction).
3. Encourages you to do more mistakes.
( Because you will get to know how to fix the errors/mistakes so that you won’t face the situation in the company where you working in future)
4. They will concentrate more on practicals than theory
5. They will create Interest and Curiosity on the topic.
( you will get to know each and every detail of the topic only if you have the interest).
6. Of course Placements.✓

WMA in the word ” Digital Hub”

You got started! But is it enough?

Now that you know that no other way, you start to look for training institutes or online and you tried to learn by yourself. Great! and you watched some videos online, followed some blogs, and signed up for Lynda and several other courses even great! Something tells you that you are still not confident, what is it? why

The Need

You realized by now you need formal training or a mentor who can guide you in the right direction, by this time you also decided that online classes are not an option.

The Search

And there it is Google, you searched came across several institutes with Google ads, local, in Delhi, everywhere You are so aggressive you want to do the course Now excited,
(sometimes you don’t want to show that excitement to your friends or colleagues too 🙂 which is fine)

The Challenge:

With so many institutes claiming we are the best, top, our faculties, so many students 10,000, 20,000 students trained and placed everyone claims to the best, but who really is the best training institute? you don’t know yet.

More Searches….

And then you tried searching in Quora, forums, LinkedIn groups, and of course Google, hoping someone would have written about the top 10 institutes, comparing the advantages of each institute

But you are still confused

I know how you feel, I have gone thru it too, patience my friend, there is hope

So here is the thing, those who give the review or comparing institutes are wrong? No they give their opinion based on a number of what they have seen, heard and it’s their personal opinion, my suggestion is to consider the opinion but you do your own research which suits you. The person who reviews or compares has not undergone training in all these institutes or did they?

You still don’t have a solid answer

Everyone says, Google has got all the answers but it’s not solving your pain points.

How to find the right institute? Are you ready?

Start here & prep yourself

  1. List down your objective, why you want to do this course? what would you like to achieve? Example- Confidence, Interacting with an agency, Should be able to clear interviews, move up the career path
  2. Would you prefer online or offline? Your work, life schedule and time you can allocate, weekend, weekdays, flexibility at work/home. List down how much time you can dedicate
  3. Distance travel time, how much time you are ready to travel. consider traffic and realistic distance and the commitment
  4. Would you like to get trained from the ground up? Basic, advanced or both. List them down
  5. Any specific topic you like to be focused on
  6. Budget – how much of funds you can allocate to invest in yourself. Everything comes with a cost, A decent course from decent training institutes costs anywhere from Rs 25,000 to 3 Lacs. Please Do NOT take up any cheap course, we have had students take up that course and come to us for practical knowledge.
  7. Budget if the course fee is 1 Lac, consider these expenses too, travel, get together, dining. Keep an additional 50,000. Keep in mind this is an investment for your future career, plan ahead and investment should yield you returns down the lane
  8. Support from family, spouse, friends – (This will take you a long way)
  9. The method of learning. Are you open to learning?
  10. Open-mindedness is the key. When it comes to learning the more open and less ego the more you will learn.
  11. Questions to ask the counselor.
  12. How many students in a batch, when is the next batch starting, any qualification, formalities to register, documents required to join,

The action now: Decision Time – Call Now: 8792299538

Visit, Talk to alumni, Go see the FB page, Other activities (Podcast, Live Videos, Presentations, Socialising)

Alumni Speak:

Anil Kumar says:

  • “Are you dreaming about the Digital Marketing Job / Course?
  • Do you want to become a Digital Marketing Consultant/ Freelancer?
  • Are you thinking How to Market Your Own Business Via Online?
    For all the above questions you will get a Perfect Solution at “Web Marketing Academy” – Bangalore. I’m Anil Kumar from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Solutions-focused, meticulous, and result-oriented Digital Marketing Professional of a successful career with diverse roles of Branding/Social Media Marketing distinguished by commended performance and proven results. Web Marketing Academy is the best academy in Bangalore -India, Suresh Babu is Simply Awesome just talk with him you will find your Life & Career. This is the perfect place to find your like-minded people. Proud to be a part of the WMA family. The mantra of WMA Students: Be Ethical, Be Artistic, Be a Continuous Learner, Be Helpful.
  • #WebMarketingAcademy Specialties:1. Real-time examples and Hands full of training: They will give you a real-time example and they will make you understand everything, they will also make you think about the concepts in real-time scenarios.
  • 2. Chocolates/ Potlucks : Yeaa.. Lots and Lots of chocolates with interesting potlucks.
  • 3. Skilled Faculty: You will find a professional faculty here, no matter what is your question they will give you a proven and perfect solution for Fun Learning.
  • 4. Interaction with alumnus & other batches: They will make you interact with industry experts, Yes communicating with people and networking with them is very important as a digital marketer. they will take you to the digital marketing events.
  • 5. Implementation & Practice: Practice makes perfect, they will make you learn and implement in real-time. and solve your problems.
  • 6. Tools & Certifications: They teach you how can you produce content with different tools, you get certified by WMA as a Digital Marketer. Meanwhile, through the course, you would have already taken up Google Adwords..etc various other certifications that are related to digital marketing.7. Job Placements: From day one they will be sending your digital marketing opportunities in different industries. Finally, I was lucky that I met the right mentors and teachers at the right moment. A Big Thanks to Web Marketing Academy.Finally, I was lucky that I met the right mentors and teachers at the right moment. A Big Thanks to Web Marketing Academy. 🙂 :):)
It’s a wonderful place to study digital marketing here in web marketing academy. I’ve come here from Visakhapatnam especially for this course. And I really liked their way of teaching. Limited students per batch with a practical approach and mentorship. It’s totally worth of money and time spent here. Thanks & Regards”
“This is the best place for learning digital marketing course and the best ever decision taken by me to join WMA.
Teaching is done by every institute, but the way they teach in WMA is what makes it special. Each and every faculty member is very friendly and helpful. They focus on each and every student to make them understand the topic. In addition to that, activities like outdoor sessions, potluck, attending events are held.
Thanks, Suresh and the whole WMA team for teaching how to explore and interact with new people and also helping me in getting placed as a Digital Marketer.
Last day of my course.Gonna miss u guys a lot.😢”
“WMA is the best place to learn digital marketing. Faculties of WMA is very talented and awesome because they know how to make us understand.
practical sessions and the way of teaching is amazing, here you learn Digital Marketing with lots of fun and the faculties are ready to help any time even after the completion of course also.
If you are thinking about Digital Marketing Join Web Marketing Academy. Thank you, Suresh and team WMA for sharing your knowledge and amazing experience with me”

Associations – Christ, IIMB, Dublin City University, GaryVee, Matt Cutts, AIESEC

Set up a meeting on how they talk and answer all of your questions
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How to find the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore India?