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Love business class upgrades while flying? That is what digital marketing skills can do to your life if done right!

On a recent flight I had the privilege to fly business class and while I was enjoying the great service I was wondering whether there is a way one can figure out if vesting digital marketing skills can prove to be the same for their life. In particular, this friend of mine in US who moved from traditional marketing to digital marketing was literally making 5x the money compared to his previous pay and a whatsapp conversation with him revealed how he found out digital marketing was for him. Here is how you can find out if Digital marketing can prove to be a catalyst for your career.

Digital marketing scope

My business class trip

Disclaimer: Might offend you!

The caffeine test- Does marketing ignite your creative soul?

This is something I ask all my friends before they jump into digital marketing. Are you someone who can understand market psychology and consumer behaviour which actually requires common sense. If so, can you create campaigns and content that would help a business grow and reach out to their potential customers? Digital marketing is not only about knowing the interface and the technical roots but also how you can actually co-work with creative designers, writers and build a campaign that is appealing and lucrative enough to capture attention on digital landscape.

Love for social media- Not as easy as it sounds

This love for social media that I am talking about is different, apart from the amazing selfies that you love to post this point is actually about exploring and making a difference in the digital world where it is overcrowded and there is no cookie cutter for it but if you love the challenge of creating a loyal audience on social media and as a result drive a continuous cycle of brand engagement and you have an affinity to maintain a healthy customer-business relationship on all digital footprints.

Ummm, it’s a Marathon not a sprint!

You love being a long term player and you have a vision for a particular product/service or the company you work with and you know that though online marketing campaigns can spark up some key metrics of a business but not actually turn into revenue directly and you can convince your team it is building up goodwill for the business and will eventually fall into the so called conversion funnel that these amazing CEOs love to hear all the time and are number obsessed. For example- SEO is a continuous process and brings result over a long period of creating great content ( I hear the CEO in background saying that keywords are important, yes they are )

You talk a lot ( At least with yourself if you are an introvert )  

You will have to communicate continuously with so many verticals of a company when you are going to be responsible for digital marketing and you really need to be an effective communicator and also love brainstorming new ideas for campaigns. If you like teamwork and you skip a beat everytime you hear an idea that could be the turning point for a marketing campaign, please go ahead and explore the scope of digital marketing.

Mohak kapadia

Contributor at WMA