The concept of ‘Real life networking’ has almost withered away and has been replaced with Electronic means and Social Media. Throwback to the good old days when networking meant, looking people in the eye, sharing a hearty handshake and indulging in meaningful conversations. However, there are still instances where you can actually network and build relationships- CONFERENCES.


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To many people, the word ‘Conference’ paints a picture of people suited up, new faces, new experiences, good food and a lot to learn. To some, this might be as exciting as it can be, but to an anointed few, it is nothing short of a nightmare. In this episode of Digital India Podcast for FIR Podcast network, Suresh and Sejal discuss the significance of Networking and also, Suresh shares his experiences on how attending conferences helped him overcome his extreme introversion.


Also included-

Digital Marketing Conferences and events to attend in 2016

Attending conferences- All that you need to know about attending conferences and how to make the most of them.

How to make the most of conferences without having to attend them (for the introverts and lazy daisies)


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Host : Suresh & Sejal

Editor : Bharani

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