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Last week we had a great discussion and case on as a marketer what would you do during a crisis situation. Students brainstorm and came up with brilliant ideas.

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How to be prepared for crisis ?

Digital Marketers role during Crisis (Website hacked or server down) :

Websites hacked/crashed



  1. An E-Commerce Website is hacked or server is down but user are able to access the website, if they access the website, their email also will be hacked !! What would you do  ?
  2. You are Marcom or Social media marketer for a bank. The bank website is hacked all the details like bank balance user account is in the hands of hackers. Some of them are published online too



Different reaction while website hacked:

  • Customer goes to social media. They will tweet, FB
  • Phone calls will come
  • Email will come
  • Competitor might take advantage. Customer moving away.
  • Media will look.
  • Govt will take action against us.
  • Sales down
  • Rumours against brand.
  • Business Partners/Investors/Supply chain loosing confidence.
  • Payment gateway will check on impact
  • How google will treat you/shows while on crisis
  • IT dept in swoop
  • Riots
  • Share market
  • Economy
  • International business impacts.
  • People loosing trust in Technology and
  • forcing for new innovation.
  • New Job role
  • Brand Reputation
  • Analytics
  • Training & Development
  • Budget allocation for damage control & crisis management.
  • Forming a cartel.


What a digital marketer is going to communicate?

  • Communicate through Social Media
  • On your website/Blogs
  • Press Meet
  • Blogs
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Traditional media channels
  • PPC campaign
  • You tube Campaign
  • Customer support – a separate number for customers and vendors
  • IT intervention/Cyber law
  • Policies
  • Training/Penetration trusting.
  • Relationship building with ethical hackers.
  • Upcoming Quarter targets will go high.
  • Internal communication to control internal panic.


Importance of a TEAM after a hacking?

Walmart did a big sale for Black Friday. IT was not aware though marketing did a good job.


Communication and team work is important at such situation.


Google mugshots.com,

Google bombing, DMCA act.

WIPO – Work intellectual property organization