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Pictures and Videos of SEM RUsh Marketing Show 2019

What if I told you we are to see one of the best digital marketing conferences that India has ever seen? A place where you meet best Marketers and learn from them the art of Digital Marketing? An event that is of International stature. 

SEMRush Marketing Show – Is a one of a kind event for all the Digital Marketers and buddying Digital Marketers out there. The right place if you are looking to pursue a career in Marketing or want to better your skill as a marketer. It’s happening right here in Bengaluru, India. 

SEMRush Marketing Event Bangalore with Web Marketing Academy

The event will host a bunch of talks on – growth marketing, search engine optimisation, digital ads, content strategy – by industry’s finest marketers. Along with some very interesting workshops by experts. 

Are you still not convinced? Don’t worry, we have more reasons than you would think! Here are some of them: 

  • If not now? When? 

Believe it or not, the need of the hour is Digital. Everyone is going digital. Whatever it may be- grocery, expert advice, doctor’s assistant, interior designers, books! Name it and someone out there has made a digital-way of doing the most common of things. Even the way we handle cash! And with everyone trying to be on top of their digital game, you would not want to be left behind. 

Did you know a banter on twitter between brands catches more eyeball? An out of the box content on Instagram can make you the most favoured brand? Things in marketing are as dynamic as they can be, trends come and go. We have got to learn the trick of the trade to stay afloat amidst all the talented marketeers. 

So, in this digital age, why would you want to do things the old way? Let’s get with the times, shall we? It is not always that an event of this stature happens right here in your country, now is it? Take my word, you wouldn’t want to miss this one.

  • Learn only from the best!

There are over a zillion books written only on branding, over a thousand online courses on search engine optimisation (SEO) and hundreds of blog written on content marketing. Now, how does one find that perfect guide or guru or mentor in this plethora of information? What if I told you, SEMRush’s team has selected the best of the best from this industry just for you. Yes! SEMrush Marketing Show will have gems of the Marketing world sharing their knowledge with you.

Imagine the possibilities? SEMRush has carefully curated 35 Speakers the likes of – Purna Vriji (Microsoft), Olga Adrienko (SEMRush), Sandeep Singh (ex BIRA 91), Shahid Nisami (Hubspot,, Deepa Kedoor (Linkedin), Charmis Pala (Cleartrip), Luis Rodriguez (Uber and Uber Eats). And that’s not all! They also have 20 expert guests like – myself, Ankit Singhal (Masterblogging.com), Himanshu Arora (Social Panga), Akshay Hallur (BloggingX), Sandeep Mallya (Startup cafe digital and 99 signals) – just to name some. The few names I mentioned above gives you a fair idea of the stature of this event! And also the mad work SEMRush’s team has put behind curating this experience for you. This is your one chance to meet all of us, get that ticket while you can!


  1. Marketing 101 – under one roof!

    Marketing is a vast function with everything intertwined. And to be a great marketer one must know how these functions are dependent on each other. You may be interested in – Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Search Advertising, Growth Hacking – one or all of them! If so, you are in the right place.

    SEMRush Marketing Show is thoughtfully planned to cater to the needs of a Marketer in the digital age. They have divided the section into four – 
  2. Growth Stage: There is no short cut to success, and contrary to popular belief you sure can’t hack your way through growth! This is why a set of experts in the Growth Marketing field will be present at the event to take you through ins and outs of Growth Marketing. Here you will learn- how to get the world to believe in your idea, How to leverage video as a way to grow your business, How to build product marketing team for SaaS products, How to better customer experience in order to grow – to name a few!
  3. Seo Stage: Pretty much the backbone of digital marketing – Search engine optimisation. Here you will learn basics of how to improve SEO of your website, Automation techniques to safeguard your website, Ways to use link building to boost your page rank, Scaling your search strategies mindfully, Ways to ace your organic search engine game, A complete WordPress SEO guide right from the best plugins to best framework, Search engine optimisation mistakes to avoid – and a lot more!
  4. Online Ads Stage: We are living in the age of ad blockers, option to skip the ad or simply recorded shows to fast forward the ads. Customers these days love to consume content, but at the same time will find a way to filter out content that isn’t relevant. Which is why it becomes all the more important to hit them at the right spot! In this ‘ad-block’ age we still see a number of ads going viral – this itself shows us that there is a silver lining. Customers want to see advertisements, but only the most relevant ones. With the plethora of content, they want to filter out and consume only the best.

If you are struggling to cut your way through the competition. SEMRush Marketing Show’s online ad stage is the right place to be! Here you will learn – how to create a holistic multi-channel campaign, How to turn your clicks into consumers, How to have a strong PPC strategy at a low budget, Lead generation strategies, How to maximize your revenue, The importance of automation, Building an AI-driven creative approach, creating a higher targeting accuracy, Using AI to deliver a great user experience – to name some. 

  1. Workshops: Workshops are the best way to get some hands-on knowledge and learning. Here at the SEMRush Marketing Show there some amazing workshop lined up for you- SEO Surgery with Craig Campbell and another one with Lukasz Zelezny, SEMrush Killer Features Workshop, Social Media Ads Workshop, Linkedin marketing solutions, Google workshop and more. 

There you have it! I bet you are convinced! The event is happening in Bengaluru, India on the 5th of December at Sheraton Grand Whitefield. 

So what are you waiting for? Head over to www.semrushconf.in to book your tickets. And guess what? I have a little surprise for you- use code SuperEarlyWMA to avail 35% off!

Don’t forget to share this with anyone who may be interested in Digital Marketing. It is a great opportunity – don’t miss out! I hope to see you there.