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Entry-Level Digital Marketing Resume Sample PDF 2022 Version

My resume was terrible

When I applied for a job in the 🛳️ Cruise Ship in 1999

I completed my graduation in 1996 and immediately I joined a college as a Lecturer, which my mentor referred, so it was easy and the 🗒️resume was not a big deal

However, when I applied for the cruise ship job, it was difficult to get through the first round of interviews.

Those days, we have to mail a hard copy, based on the resume they will select the candidates for the first round of interview.

Today, we have all the resources at our fingertips.

Competency-based Interview Questions, Resume Preparation, Mock Interviews, Soft Skills, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Story Telling, Socializing are all integral parts of our Digital Marketing Course

Here’s how we prepare our students to become Confident Digital Marketer and send them for Interviews

Web Marketing Academy Placements Process

Here are some resume tips for freshers

“Resume Sample Template for Freshers specializing in Digital Marketing” 2022 Version

Resume order:

  1. Name
  2. Contact detail
  3. Goal
  4. Summary/Core Competency
  5. Education
  6. Certifications
  7. Live Project/Internship (Volunteer to get some projects especially during a Pandemic like COVID 19)
  8. Volunteering


  • Your resume should be simple. Preferably PDF format
  • Font size: 11 Times New Roman or Arial 
  • Use bullet points
  • Spell Check 
  • Customized for each JD (You can highlight specific skills)
  • Use action words like created, developed, designed, managed


❌  Have more than a 2-page resume

❌  Include skills that you are not confident about 

❌  Include declaration with signature, references

Here is a sample Resume

Download the Free Resume for Digital Marketing Freshers PDF 2021 Version

(Courtesy of Web Marketing Academy, Rated Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore)

Resume for Digital Marketing Freshers. Sample Template PDF Included

(Your contact details: Your email address and phone number)


(This is your elevator pitch to get the attention. If you are certified, mention that. List your goals. Example: I want to work with creative minds. Add location, so that the employers knew you are ready to relocate)

Certified Digital Marketer who is looking to work for a _______________ in Bangalore 2021 (Add flexible hours, WFH options etc)

Core competencies:

(List the things you are confident about and worked on) Today, Empathy, Listening is an important part of 2021
SEO | Google Ads | WordPress | Social Media | Creative Social Media Visuals | Content |


(Latest College. School not required, unless It’s a premium school. Example:  Lawrence, Ooty)
    2019, BBA, Christ University, Bangalore 

Certificates:  (If you are looking for Digital Marketing, this is important)

Live Project: (Be specific as possible. Expect questions out of this. The employers might want to find out what mistakes you made, the process, and how you solved it. Have proofs, screenshot)

  • SEO for www.homerenovators.com Increased website for keyword: “Home renovators in Bangalore” from 30 position to 7 position
  • Run Facebook & Instagram Ad campaigns for Home Renovators. Amount spend: Rs 2000, results: 45,000 impressions, 120 clicks, 15 leads 

Relevant activities: (Make sure you include relevant activities & volunteering work

Participated in Podcast | Interviewed Industry leaders | Attended The Marketing Conference

Additional Resources: