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My Answer to How Good is a Career in Digital Marketing – Quora

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A question from Quora: How Good is a Career in Digital Marketing? Here is my answer: So you want to know how good is a career in Digital Marketing? Buckle up! With so much demand plus the economy, the way we buy, communicate, interact and day to day life has changed due to the Internet and social media. Now Digital marketing/social media marketing has become a fashion and buzz word, so is the competition in this job market. Let’s look at some trends:   Read Suresh Babu‘s answer to How good is a career in digital marketing? on Quora   A Google trend shows the growth of...

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Digital Marketing – 2nd Job Interview Preparation

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How to Prepare for a 2nd Digital Marketing Job Interview? You have cleared the 1st round of the interview…yay! What next? Wondering how to better prepare oneself for the next round. Here are few tips that will help you. In the first interview, you would generally have the hiring manager or HR team. In the first round generally, they will select the top most suitable candidates. 2nd round of Interviews is a bit more serious and more in depth. So you have to be prepared. Keep in mind every company has different ways to assess your skill levels. Some companies will call you for the next...

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