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Sample Digital Marketing Interview Questions & Answers

Resume preparation, Mock Interviews, Sample Q & A are all part of WMA’s Digital Marketing Management Course

Question: “Tell me about yourself”

The interviewer is looking for:

– Evidence that you qualify for this role
– How well you answer an unstructured question


  • Use the job description to pick a few skills you already possess
  • Build a story about those skills with your experience

Answer Format:

. Scene > Conflict > Resolution > Results

Example Answer:


From a very early young age, I used to be curious about everything.


I ended up taking a degree in engineering.


During my final years, I came across online ads, which followed me every website I visit, Curious & fascinated seeing that, I researched and realized this is part of Digital marketing. So took up this digital marketing course


During this course, I learned remarketing, social media marketing, and worked on a project.
I went to nearby restaurants, volunteered on social media for free. Got one project.
Increased their Instagram account from 10 – 5000, got them 50 new walk-ins for their new branch

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