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This is how I started in Digital Marketing….

Year 1991, 10th grade. During my summer vacation, I used to go to Chennai

Chennai was the biggest exposure for me, I grew up in a small village, Aruvnakadu near Coonoor

None of my family was well educated, however, my Dad wanted all of us to at least a degree

During my summer vacations, my uncle guided me to go to colleges/institutes like CIPET by myself to apply

After my 12th grade, I ended up taking Hotel Management. I took up that because I used to see the Managers of Hotels like Taj and other star hotels in Ooty. I thought after finishing Hotel Management I would become a manager 🙂

But I ended up in a Cruise Ship as an Asst Cook. During my vacation, my cousin exposed me to the Internet

Fortunately, I got an opportunity to get an internship in a web design company, Florida

And worked in Florida for 6 years from 2002 – 2008 doing Digital Marketing

Who am I?

I am Suresh Babu, I am the Founder & CEO of Web Marketing Academy.

In 2008, I moved to Bangalore and realized there are a lot of people like me who don’t know about what career to choose

What degree or certificates should one take? That’s when I decided to help others like me who are confused, don’t get much exposure. At that time I working for an eCommerce company in Bangalore

I decided to quit my job and start helping those who want to know about Digital Marketing

I conducted events, meetups in IIMB, Christ University for everyone. That became a community

My qualification to give advice on Digital Marketing Career Options

In 2011, I started Web Marketing Academy, so far we have graduated more than 3000 students, working professionals, Entrepreneurs

Speak in IIM Bangalore and other Universities about Digital, Social Media and Careers

Conduct workshops & Consult brands including Decathlon, Myntra, HPE, Arvind Fashion, Cognizant, Accenture on Digital Marketing

You can find more info on my LinkedIn profile

Unlike today in 2020, back in those days, we were completely relying on relatives, friends, and family

Now you have every information at your fingertips. Google, Quora, LinkedIn, this blog you name it

However, still, we are stuck to choose from various options

I completely understand your pain and that’s why I want to share this article with you

Digital Marketing Career Options for Beginners

Digital Marketing Career Options for Beginners

You might be a fresh graduate or maybe you were in a different field and now you want to move to Digital Marketing

Or you have a few years of experience in sales/marketing or any field. Either way, this article can help

What is Digital Marketing & why all this hype about Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a vast topic which includes

Website | Understanding User Behaviour | SEO | Online Advertisement | Social Media Marketing | Affiliate Marketing | Adsense | Content Marketing | Email Marketing | Analytics | Inbound Marketing

I know, I know so much… don’t get overwhelmed or scared. Yes it’s vast but it’s not rocket science

When a cook, who doesn’t know the Internet can learn and those whom we trained

80% of 3000 students are just like you and me, who had no idea about Digital Marketing before joining the course

Here is a beginners guide to Digital Marketing (PDF included)

(You can download that later if you go there you will get stuck there with so much information)

You might have questions like:

  1. How to make a career in digital marketing
  2. Digital marketing career path options
  3. Digital marketing course with placement

Digital Marketing is using the Internet (Google, YouTube, Social Media, Email) to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Build brand awareness
  • Market your product or service
  • Decrease cost
  • Improve efficiency
  • Increase productivity
  • High return on investment
  • Identify loyal customers

Apart from these business objectives, digital channels can be used effectively for:

  • Educating & engaging with potential users
  • Increase website traffic
  • Providing valuable information
  • Building trust
  • Customer reviews
  • Grow online community

If you are working for a company, you will be doing the above for the company you are working for

Why everyone wants to get into Digital? The Hype


  1. It’s challenging and interesting
  2. There is massive scope for growth for their career
  3. It’s trendy and fun but to be part of social media
  4. No coding required
  5. Good package
  6. They can start something on their own
  7. Requires creativity and allows them to showcase their creative side
  8. Allows doing something on the side, freelancing
  9. Help showcase their talent
  10. It’s cool and helps express their opinion and gets attention
  11. Cost-effective ways to reach out to the world
  12. Ten years back it’s difficult to showcase the talents now anyone can shoot and video and share it to the world
  13. Help find a job quickly
  14. Can be used for a social cause, spread awareness
  15. To get a job in MNC’s
  16. Companies demand digital skills today
  17. Digital skills are the need of the hour
  18. No Language, location barrier
  19. You don’t have to score high marks to get into digital
  20. An easy, yet powerful medium

Course-related to Digital Marketing

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How good is a career in Digital Marketing in India

Digital Marketing Careers in India

You have a few options within Digital Marketing Career

  1. Digital Marketing as a whole as a career or
  2. Each topic within Digital Marketing itself can be a career choice

My suggestion and what companies expect is for you to know most of the topic on a high level however you will be assigned to do something specific like Social Media or Google Ads

Here is an example of Digital Marketing (Social Media) Job requirements that come to us

Digital Marketing Job Requirements in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Career Options for Beginners

Now the bigger question is how to get started, should I take up a course, opt for free courses online, take short term course, a degree in Digital Marketing?

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Option 1: Free Digital Marketing Courses online

Where to find an Online Digital Marketing Classes or Training


  • This is a good start for anyone
  • It’s Free
  • Certificates
  • You can take anytime


  • No practicals
  • You will get the basic concepts
  • No Live project
  • No Live interaction
  • Needs a lot of practice on your own
  • Won’t feel confident

If you want to test out if this is the right career, you can start with this or if you can’t afford the fees, this is a good option. Keep in mind, and you will have to work hard


Option 2: Short term Digital Marketing Courses (Online or Offline)

Where to find one: Digital Marketing Certification training course

  • Upgrad
  • Udemy

Cost: Rs 5000 – Rs 30,000


  • Flexibile timings
  • Certificates
  • Network


  • Expensive
  • No practicals
  • No Live interaction
  • No guidance
  • Needs a lot of practice on your own

Ideal for someone with some experience

Would not recommend for beginners or if you are looking for a solid career option. You can rather take the free courses


Option 3: Short term Digital Marketing workshops, seminars

Where to find one:

  • LinkedIn
  • Digital Marketing Institutes
  • Individual Trainers

Cost: Rs 5000 – Rs 20,000


  • Flexibile timings
  • Topic specific
  • Network


  • Limited time
  • Only one topic with basics
  • No practicals
  • No guidance after the workshop
  • Short term
  • Needs a lot of practice on your own

Would not recommend for beginners or if you are looking for a solid career option. You can take this once you start and want to learn new topics or if you want to specialize in one topic


Option 4: A degree in Digital Marketing

Where to find one:

Cost: 7 Lacs  – 20 Lacs


  • Premium University
  • Alumni
  • Experience
  • Exposure
  • Networking
  • New opportunities
  • Faculty
  • Degree
  • Structure


  • Expensive
  • Too long
  • Not much of practicals
  • No guidance
  • Additional cost for stay, travel

Ideal for someone looking for a degree from a Prestigious University. Keep in mind you don’t have to do a degree to be good in Digital Marketing. Irrespective of the university, you will have to put in your work


Option 5: Certificate Course in Digital Marketing Offline

Where to find one:

Cost: Rs 40,000 – 75,000

How to find the right Digital Marketing Training by Yourself: A DIY Guide


  • One on one
  • Live projects
  • Practical
  • Experience
  • Exposure
  • Networking
  • New opportunities
  • Faculty
  • Structure
  • Guest Lectures
  • Mentorship during and after the course
  • Notes
  • Backup sessions
  • Flexibility
  • Case Studies
  • Group learnings
  • In-depth knowledge of all topics
  • Job assistance
  • Interview prep
  • Resume
  • Lifetime mentorship and guidance
  • Soft skills
  • Certificates


  • Expensive
  • Dedication

Ideal for beginners and anyone. The right choice for freshers. Comes with guidance and lifetime mentorship, which is very important for someone who wants to make a career. Keep in mind you will have to put in your work

More details about the Digital Marketing Course at Web Marketing Academy

Also Digital Marketing Course for Working Professionals


Option 6: Digital Marketing Internship

Where to find one:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Social Media
  • Naukri

Cost: Paid or Unpaid


  • Live projects
  • Practical
  • Experience
  • Exposure
  • Networking
  • New opportunities
  • Real-time learning
  • Work on brands
  • Wide range to learn


  • Some Internship will not be paid
  • Dedication

Ideal for beginners. This would be another great choice. Combine this with your free courses


The Most Frequently Asked Questions Answered here

Well, if you still unable to find answers not to worry, you will find answers here:

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  2. Digital Marketing Guides & Useful resources

Alright, here you have it, friends. Hope you find this useful. If you do please share it with someone who can benefit from this.

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