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Challenges, Pros & Cons of Digital Marketing

I got a LinkedIn message from  Mukul Kaushik,  Growth Marketer – GetMeCab – LinkedIn Profile

He was looking for advice on Careers, tools. Here is the question:

Hello I’d like advice on career strategy I am working as a digital marketer and I handle all aspects of marketing for a startup that I work for whether its PPC, SEO, social, email marketing and I am keen to try different tools and I go for various certification too. How good would my career prove out to be if I carry on with the same interest and hard work? And what are some challenges I might face down the line? What do you see as the pros and cons for a long lasting career in this domain?

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My Answer:

First of Mukul, pretty impressive LinkedIn profile. Looking at your profile, you are into the current role for the last 6 months. For a fresher in the field, pretty impressive. Keep up the good work.


  1. For someone like you, my recommendation would first go with the existing tools.Example: Google Adwords, Analytics, Google Search Console, (You are already working on these tools) Google Tag manager, AMP Project, Schema there are so much you can master in these tools. Try to master these inbuilt tools from platforms like Google, Facebook, Analytics, Adwords
  2. Once you know advanced techniques then you can go for tools like Ahrefs, SEM Rush, Moz, Hub Spot and more
  3. If you are handling a lot of clients and more data, then tools like SEM Rush, Moz can help. With existing tools you can do a lot
  4. However you can be familiar with apps like Canva, Google Photos, Hype Type can help save time for creatives. More on these tools here: https://www.webmarketingacademy.in/what-are-the-tools-for-content-marketing/
  5. Facebook, Instagram has inbuilt tools and third-party tools. Play with these tools

Certifications – Are certifications important, well to show to the clients, employers this will be useful, on the other hand having certificates alone might not help when it comes to practicals. If for example, you want to get into Cognizant, Accenture the minimum requirements will be a Certified Professional. However taking certificates also will help revise, validate oneself.

  1. I see you have already got some certifications. Good work!
  2. Go for some Creative Certifications. Learning from Pros and something not related to the subject, example: Learning about Public Speaking, Story Telling, Creative writing can help. With less than $100, 150 you should be able to get started: Resources: https://www.masterclass.com/ https://www.creativelive.com/
  3. Learn some new skills like Podcasting, Video editing, Voice Search. Amazon skills, Google Assistant Skill. Resources: https://www.codecademy.com/
  4. Anything to do with creative writing, creativity is worth

Interest and hard work:

  1. You are on the right track, you have the interest and working hard. Keep going. Love both interest and hard work, that’s all you need for now and you are young 🙂
  2. Show it to the world what you are doing. You must be doing great work unless its shared no one might know. So go ahead and share some of your work on LinkedIn or Blog post
  3. Came up with some blog post, increased revenue, built audience, share that story and how you did it


  1. You are passionate about what you are doing, Convincing your passion to your clients, co-workers, management might be a challenge
  2. New technical skills will be a challenge and opportunity.
  3. Dealing with haters online might be a challenge.
  4. When others don’t see your vision and idea you might get upset or distracted. Maintaining your cool will be a challenge. But I don’t think so this will be a big deal for you


  1. Digital & social media is going to advance. So there is a bright future
  2. We have free resources, tools more than ever before in 2018
  3. Opportunity to grow. The sky is the limit
  4. Building a brand for your self is easy, needs a consistent outcome, hard work, and interest which you already have
  5. You don’t have to rely on anyone


  1. The landscape is growing at a rapid phase, keeping up with all the updates is both challenging and have its own disadvantages
  2. Privacy & security
  3. The industry is getting too crowded fast. Very few will stand out. It’s an opportunity for people like you
  4. Dealing with Adblockers
  5. Dealing with SPAM
  6. Dealing with fake accounts, hackers

Hope this helps. Wish you all the best.