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Absolutely – Take a look at some of the Job Openings from Google:

  1. Programmatic Account Strategist
  2. Creative Lead, Marketing (India)

From Google Careers

  1. Head of Campaign Services, Performance
  2. Vertical Business Manager
  3. Product and Solution Expert (Shopping)

From LinkedIn Jobs

Careers in Digital Marketing in India






We had a student walk into our academy and she asked a question “is digital marketing a good career in india”?

It’s 2018 and technology is going to grow, move us forward day by day, a few years back, we never used to buy as much as we buy offline, we want to touch and feel anything we buy, fast forward a few years now in 2017 from movie ticket to groceries to banking, travel everything is online.

Companies need digital marketers to run their marketing campaigns, but the truth is Digital/Social is not taught in MBA marketing which is an important skill that every marketer should have. Social media, digital, content is all part of our day to day life with access to the Internet on the go, If you are not being part of today’s exciting journey, you will regret in the next few years.

Get ready to enhance your career, learn it online, offline take a short term course, understand the fundamentals and take it on your own phase, but prepare yourself.

I am sure you would have heard this recent news,” Capgemini CEO says 65% of IT employees are not trainable” the full story here: http://bit.ly/2l2SB2g

Source ET: “With the domestic IT industry staring at a shift in nature of work due to the increasing use of digital technologies, a leading firm has said a majority of the workforce cannot imbibe the required emerging skill-sets, and warned of high job losses at the middle and senior levels”

Not only from this article but in general if we just have to constantly upgrade our skills. When was the last time you learned a new skill? It’s not too late to upgrade your skills, but if you wait for too long you will be left behind.

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Here is a Sample Digital Marketing Job requirement that we send to our students & alumni

Position 1: Social Media Mafia at Social Panga

Requirement: 0 to 5-year experience. Understanding on Facebook, SEO/SEM & other social media platforms. A major requirement for SEO/SEM executives.

Compensation: 3L to 6L per annum

Expected Start Date: Immediate, Address: Koramangala, Bangalore

Send CV to: [email protected]

Position 1: Designation: SEO  Expert / Digital Marketing Manager

Position 4: Designation: Sales – Consultant

Position 2: Designation: Social Media – Senior Executive

Compensation: 4 lpa (Fixed – 2.4 lpa + Variable – 0.6 lpa + Deferred Bonus – 1 lpa)

Your Contact Person: [email protected]