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Why should Developers & IT professionals should learn Digital marketing?

A brief story, I meet a lot developers and recently I met with a friend who is programming in Python and for fun he has developed some tech products but was never aware of how to market it, somehow even graphic designers I meet are compelled with constraints when it comes to combining creativity with critical evaluation and the fusion of both brings out some true magic. Here is why I feel these skills are not difficult to learn and is very handy in practical work life.

Average International Package for Digital Marketing Manager = $ 81K 

Source: http://bit.ly/2h6FXBt

Average Saalry for DigitalMarketer

  1. Discrete skills, dominant results

This is no rocket science, let me explain it this way. If there is a developer who knows a bit of marketing he can have less dependency on someone else to explain his product or service to the market. It would be an understatement to say digital marketing can exponentially improve chances of a new or existing product in succeeding to reach out to the right people.

  1. Hey critical thinking, say Hi to creativity

This is tough, the rational mind when it encounters creativity is left skeptical and perplexed for a while as the left brain and the right side need time to weigh down what is correct and funnel down what to listen to. It is the same as weighing between the head and the heart, though if given some time to understand that marketing a product is sometimes not marketing it at all and is a skill mastered by few and executed by fewer. Those that do are nothing short of hitting the tipping point and breaking the ice. You can find out what exactly makes a great digital marketer here

  1. Arrange marriages were never easy

Some people might go bonkers over this but yes it is more or less like an arranged marriage. At first, everything seems difficult and adjusting to a new skill set is tough, though I believe that finding out the point at which both of them merge and can help out each other is important. For example, an inbound marketing skill can help a SAAS product get leads but understanding their Facebook audience and potential LinkedIn customers is so underestimated and reaching out to them is so vital. This is more like direct revenue funnel and through my experience this will never be perfect but it will allow you to reach the right people. Here are 75 Digital marketing tips and tools for startups  

  1. The same Bean bag, different motives

If you are like me, you love writing code/content sitting on a nice bean bag with a cup of coffee, digital marketing provides an opportunity to sell or increase brand awareness digitally, moving away from the traditional mediums of print advertising which was and is still costly. You can pick up digital marketing skills and execute them without having to spend a lot of energy on resources and thus saving up a lot for you or your company. Here is how you can get started in Digital Marketing

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Mohak kapadia

Contributor at WMA