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Digital Marketing Career Advice for Practitioners in India

Posted by on Nov 19, 2015 in Blog, Careers in Digital Marketing | 0 comments

Advice For Professionals in Digital Marketing: (Digital Marketing Practitioners) to take their career to next level   Keep Up to date with the Industry. Official Blog Apps – How to know? When they upgrade? What is new ?(update) When you see an new update release read whats new with the features Analytics – Interest in Analytics. Read this resources blog post for Digital Marketing Analytics Communication – Presentation skills. As a seasoned marketer, you will have to present your strategy to your boss, team, or clients. Improve your presentation skills with these resources– Nancy Duarte,...

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Digital Marketing Career Opportunities in India. Scope & Hope

Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Blog, Careers in Digital Marketing, WMA Alumni | 0 comments

Scope & Hope for Digital Marketing in India Where can I get a degree in digital marketing in India?” Early Monday morning, a couple with their son came down to my office at the academy. The boy’s name was Sujith. Sujith’s family was from Pune and Hindi speaking, not my forte. They were here to understand how digital marketing could help Sujith. Sujith was struggling with his language but got by. I called in a staff member to translate and we conversed for about half an hour. Sujith enrolled in our digital marketing course, is part of a live project today, near the end of his course, and...

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Digital marketing Career Path. The Growth of Digital in India

Posted by on May 3, 2015 in Blog, Careers in Digital Marketing | 0 comments

Want to be a Digital Marketer but Unsure of the Career Path? It’s Saturday morning. My wife asks me, “Do you need anything other than Red Bull?” I quickly check for shampoo, toothpaste, razor, etc., and reply, “Yes, one Gillette shaving gel.” She adds it to her shopping cart on the Big Basket mobile app, picks the time slot for delivery as Sunday morning, 9am-12noon. A few years back, our Saturday routine included a trip to the mall for groceries and sundry shopping. We’d head to the local store, search for items on spread out shelves, load our cart while wheeling it around, stand in the...

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