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Is Digital Marketing a Good Career in India?

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We had a student walk in to our academy and she asked a question “is digital marketing a good career in india” ? It’s 2017 and technology is going to grow, move us forward day by day, a few years back, we never used to buy as much as we buy offline, we want to touch and feel anything we buy, fast forward a few years now in 2017 from movie ticket to groceries to banking, travel everything is online. Companies need digital marketers to run their marketing campaigns, but the truth is Digital/Social is not taught in MBA marketing which is an important skill that every marketer...

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Digital Marketing Skills 2016 2017

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Must Have Skills for a Today’s Digital Marketer Having nightmares before the Interview…? Especially if it’s your dream job and you want to give your best and you always feel as if there were some mantras that would affirm success in your interview, then nothing like it… I am sure every one of us has faced the situations like this, no matter how well you are prepared. It was no different for me until I mustered all my courage to call my mentor Suresh (CEO-Web Marketing Academy – Bangalore), a day before my interview for a Digital Marketing Manager position. “What is your USP that...

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Guest Lecture by Kiruba Shankar

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Web Marketing Academy in conversation with Kiruba Shankar! Web Marketing Academy welcomed and were honoured to have Mr. Kiruba Shankar interact with our students and share his valuable experience! He is a man of multiple talents with being a Social Media Entrepreneur, Professor of Digital Marketing, an Author, Podcaster as well as an Organic farmer! He also is a CEO of Business Blogging and F5ive Technology. The discussion started off as Mr. Kiruba Shankar shared a very important tip- “the one thing that separates professionals from the also-rans’ is the constant ability to keep...

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Digital Marketing Books in 2016. Social Media

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Blogs, Books & Websites Every Digital Marketer Should Follow (UPDATED 2016) Digital Marketing Books to Read in 2016 Question from our Students : What books do I need to read in order to stay updated with the current digital marketing trends ? Answer: The Internet is a Sea of Information, but here are some hand picked resources that will help you to stay up-to-date with the current marketing trends Welcome to the 43rd episode of Digital India Podcast on FIR Podcast Network. This show is ‘Weekly Updates’ brought to you by staff and students of Web Marketing Academy Prefer Listening. Here...

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How to pass the Inbound Marketing Certification

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How to pass the Inbound Marketing Certification 2015 by Hubspot Academy UPDATE: This post is an updated post.This is a blog post in 2013. Now it’s time for an upgrade, in the past few months Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing Certification has changed, here are the changes: Inbound Marketing University is now just HubSpot Academy: What’s new with Inbound Marketing Certification 2015? The Inbound Certification is made up of twelve classes that you can watch on demand and at your own pace. To help you master the topic, each class includes additional resources...

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