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Digital Marketing Course Fees in Bangalore & Options to Learn Digital Marketing

A recent question from QUORA: What is the Course Fees to learn digital marketing in India? This blog post let me break down the average cost to learn Digital Marketing in Bangalore and other parts of India.


Digital Marketing Course Fees in Bangalore

Cost Options
Free Resources included below
Rs 5000 – Rs 10,000 Coursera, Lynda, Upgrad. Online Courses
Rs 15,000 – Rs 25,000 1,2-day Workshops. Ideal to get an Idea
Rs 50,000 – Rs 75,000 Ideal for YOU
Rs, 1,00,000 IIMB. Ideal for C Levels

Here’s How much it costs to Learn #DigitalMarketing in India

    1. Free
    2. Rs 5000 – Rs 10,000
    3. Rs 15,000 – Rs 25,000
    4. Rs 50,000 – Rs 75,000. Ideal for YOU
    5. Rs 1,00,000

The list keeps going but the question to ask you is What are your objectives and goals? how much time do you want to invest? Digital marketing like any other learning comes with dedication, time, and patience


If you have the dedication, discipline, and ready to put in time and effort you can learn it free. The challenge with that is we all know if we spend time watching videos we will learn but most of us can’t. It’s like working out we all know if we workout we will be fit but not everyone works out. Today there are a ton of free resources online. I have written a #QUORA answer here: Suresh Babu’s answer to Where can I find free digital marketing courses?

Good luck 

some of us have tried it but most of them who learned online still are not confident not because of the content, and there are many reasons for it. one reason is the culture we grew up in in a way that we always someone to validate what we are doing.

Rs 5000 – Rs 10,000

I am not giving you the exact fees, just to give you an idea. With online courses Coursera, Lynda, Upgrad, even offline classroom sessions are available. The same challenge as in free applies here. And a classroom session for Rs 5000 – Rs 10,000? you yourself will know the quality and my suggestion is to stay away from it, instead, you can go for the free options, unless it’s a charity/nonprofit

Rs 15,000 – Rs 25,000

In this range, you get a lot of workshops. Digital marketing as a subject is huge. In one or 2 days you might just get an overview. Unless you just want to get an overview. These workshops are good for top management who like to know and keep them up to date. If you are looking for a career, this option is also ruled out. Another option here could be you get to learn one topic for example LinkedIn, email marketing, or Instagram Marketing

Rs 50,000 – Rs 75,000

Good product or services comes with a cost. This might be your ideal option if you are looking for a decent career option. Keep in mind the fees alone will not take you where you want to go, Practice, perseverance, patience, willingness to test, making mistakes, and learning from mistakes should be accompanied. This is your career it’s important and this where your research help. And I have a guide for anyone who wants to find the right institute. This will save you time and money and help you make an informed decision, so if there is one takeaway from this answer it would be this: Suresh Babu’s answer to Which is the best Digital Marketing course in India?

Why Rs 50,000 – Rs 70,000?

  1. The value: is what your customer believes the product or service is worth to them
  2. Fixed cost, variable cost: More on how to price your product
  3. The cost of quality trainers
  4. Operational cost
  5. Time – Around Rs 250 per hour x 200 hours
  6. GST 🙂
  7. Marketing cost
  8. Lifetime Investment – How it is going to help you in the long run

Please note, Web Marketing Academy Bangalore (WMA India) also provide Hands-on classroom training in Indira Nagar Bangalore with Weekday/weekend batches. Rated Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Bangalore for Class Room Training by our Alumni & Students. Our courses go anywhere from 2–3 months and the cost is Rs 49,000 + GST = Rs 57,800 which can be paid in the Instalments and Loan facility available.

If you like to get started in Digital Marketing, please give us a call at 8792299538 or email Suresh at web marketing academy dot in

1 Lac:

In this option, you have digital marketing provided by IIM’s and top B Schools. Is it worth it? Well if you are a top-level exec who wants to get an idea about Digital Marketing you can, mostly these are short-term courses, as mentioned above, Digital Marketing is a vast topic. You won’t be able to learn in one week. And if you care for the certificates, then you can go for this option. I am an alumnus of IIMB and IIMC. I have written a QUORA answer for that too here: Suresh Babu’s answer to How good is the short duration “Digital & Social Media Marketing and Analytics” course at IIM-B?

  1. If you are ahead of marketing, or someone who manages the team and overlooks the marketing activities this course will give an overview, or if you have outsourced the digital and social to an agency to coordinate and work with them, this course might give you some insights
  2. If you just like to know the overview this is a good start. But if you are looking for practical, in-depth experience, you might want to take up a practical, hands-on #Digitalmarketing training with at least 3–6 months of classroom training with a mentor who can mentor and guide you

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